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Banana Art

Hello Guys! Check this out. A real and brilliant banana art by Stephan Brusche.It doesn’t look like anyone ever told Stephan Brusche not to play with his food, but that’s just fine by us. This imaginative artist, based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, regularly turns bananas into creative and light-hearted works of art.Banana art means […]

Complex Problems of C

Try complex problems of C at home Q. Find the sum of the following series Sn=1/1!+1/2!+1/3!+……… This is a bit more complex problem of C [c] #include #include long int fact(int); void main() { int i; int term=0; float sum=0; int num; clrscr(); printf(“\nHow many terms do you want=”); scanf(“%d”,&num); for(i=1;i Q. Write a program […]

Functions in C Programming

Functions WAP in C to check whether the number entered by user is armstrong or not by using function [c] #include #include #include int arm(int); void main() { int x; int y; clrscr(); printf(“\nEnter a number=”); scanf(“%d”,&x); y=arm(x); if(y==x) { printf(“\nThe number is armstrong”); } else { printf(“\nThe number is n’t armstrong”); } getch(); } […]

Matrix Multiplication Using Function

Matrix Multiplication Using Function in C Matrix Multiplication Using Function in C programming is a very important concept.It can be done by using the simple concept of function.Function is not a main function.The function,we are talking here about the user defined function void mul_mat(int A[M][N],int B[M][N],int C[M][N],int s,int t,int u,int v); This is called the […]

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Physics Questions

Q1.Two plane metal plates 4.0 cm long are held horizontally 3.0 cm apart in a vacuum, one being vertically above the other. The upper plate is at a potential of 300 volts and the lower is earthed Electrons having a velocity of 10 x 10^7 m s~ 1 are injected horizontally midway between the plates […]

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