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Initializing Two Dimensional Array

Initializing Two Dimensional Array Initializing two dimensional array is little bit confusing for the most of the students.But,it is not.Two dimensional array is a collection of one dimensional arrays taken in multiple rows.In C programming language,a two dimentional array can be declared as shown below int std[m][n]; where int represents the datatype of the variable.’std’ […]

C Array Memory Concept

C Array Memory Concepts C Array Memory Concept is very important concept.Once again consider the following array. This is how we would declare the above array in C, int n[] = {25, 33,12,44,56,17}; C Array Memory Concept We also know that on mentioning the name of the array we get its base address. Thus, by […]

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JDBC Database Connection in Java

JDBC Database Connection JDBC Database Connection is essential for the development of the database driven applications. Users can insert,update, delete,select the items according to the users requirements.JDBC database connection in application system is important.Every application requires database processings.Here is the java database connection code with sql server.If you are applying this codes, then you will […]

Pointers Vs Arrays in C Programming Language

Pointers vs Arrays in C Programming Language Pointers vs Arrays in C programming Language is very fundamental concept.The understanding of pointers vs arrays in C programming language is regarded as the most complex problems .For the clear understanding, I have started this tutorials with some examples.Let’s begin with pointers vs arrays in C programming language with simple […]

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Passing Arrays Inside Function

Passing Arrays Inside Function Passing arrays inside function is a new concept for the beginner of the C programming language.Howerver, It is a best practise in programming passing arrays inside the function.Simply it is understood that array is the contagious memory allocation into the memory i.e. RAM. Array represents the chunks of data into the […]

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Reading Data from an Array

Reading data from an Array The for loop is much the same, but now the body of the loop causes each student’s marks to be added to a running total stored in a variable called sum. When all the marks have been added up, the result is divided by 100, the number of students, to […]

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Simple Program Using Array

Simple Program Using Array Let us try to write a program to find average marks obtained by a class of 100 students in a test.Using array,the multiple variable declaration can be reduced and it becomes easy to handle the programming problems. [c] void main() { int i, sum = 0; float avg; int mark[100]; /* […]

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What are Arrays?

What are Arrays? For understanding the arrays properly, let us consider the following program: [c] void main() { int a; a = 5; a = 10; printf (“\na = %d”, a) ; getch(); } [/c] This program will print the value of a as 10. Why so? Because when a value 10 is assigned to […]

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