An article by Nick Galvin about Nepal


Nepal is our proud moment that a lot of foreigners come to our virgin land and explore its natural beauty.But, being a part of it,we couldn’t even feel the orthodox of our motherland.I have presented the article written by Nick Galvin about Mt.Everest and its natural beauty. Hope you’ll find it amazing,too.

The world’s highest mountain is playing hard to get. That’s why I’m awake at 4am, peering out the window of my $6 room in the Himalayan village of Tengboche (3867 metres) like a child looking for Santa on Christmas Eve.

According to him,Tenzing-Hillary Airport is, by reputation, one of the world’s most dangerous and, while there is never a point at which we feel unsafe (the local pilots know their job), the landing on the 400-metre runway is high on drama. Surrounded by mountains, this is a one-shot only proposition, with no chance of a “go-around”. The plane roars in heading for the side of the mountain and then jams on the brakes and executes a neat pirouette to the right. Passengers and luggage are disgorged quickly before the Dornier winds up again and heads off back to Kathmandu, taking advantage of the good flying conditions before the cloud descends.

An article by Nick Galvin about Nepal
An article by Nick Galvin about Nepal

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