Australia Versus India Cricket Prediction

Australia Versus India Cricket Prediction

Australia Versus India Cricket prediction is not a easy task. Before going to apply prediction about tomorrow semi final match, I have done a lot of research about the game statistics and time. But, at the end, I couldn’t come up with the fixed result. So, I have gone through the “Vedic Numerology” methods to predict tomorrow second semi final match between Australia and India.

Vedic Numerology

Vedic Numberology is the ancient science to predict the nature of human beings,events which are going to happen in near future according to their lucky number system. This number system is found to be fair in prediction of nature of people and events.The main factors to be considered in vedic numerology system is based on the number owned by the specific entity according to their name and date of birth.I have used these factors to predict the game in between Australia and India. Vedic Numerology is used for Australia versus India Cricket Prediction.

 Australia Versus India Cricket Prediction
Australia Versus India Cricket Prediction

Result of Tomorrow Semi-Finals in between Australia and India

As I have calculated the lucky number generated by Australia and India. The lucky number of india is 1 while lucky number of Australia is 3 according to vedic numerology system. To calculate the lucky number for each country, I have written the software program in C programming language. Once I have entered the  country name, it yields the lucky number. The other important factor which drives the lucky number is determinded by lucky day. To calculate the lucky number for this specific date i.e 2015-March-26, it throws 1 as a lucky number for that day in computer program which is exactly same with lucky number of India.This is the method that I have followed about Australia versus India Cricket Prediction.

If the match is played in 2015-March-28, then there is high probability of winning by Australian side. But, 2015-March-26 seems to be highly favorable for India.

In this research,the match starting time has not been considered so far. So, this is only prediction based on name and date of the match.Prediction of Australia versus India Cricket can be affected by hard jobs by the player i.e “Karma” or any climatic condition.Australia versus India Cricket Prediction is very hard when thee factors come into play.

Don’t Bet by Reading this Article, I Don’t Recommend Strictly.

This article is purely based on the research. So, result may vary.

For Vedic Numerology, You can find meaningful resources in the following link:
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  1. Suresh Kumar Thapa says:

    I wish your team will always win the game.
    Cricket may be like this :

    Bety bought butter but the butter was bitter bety bought more butter to make the butter more better.

    play play to win the play.

    Your friend
    Suresh Kumar Thapa

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