NAATI Nepali Materials

NAATI Nepali Materials

This page is dedicated to all the Nepalese people who are living in Australia wide. NAATI stands for National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. The persons who are willing to stay here in Australia will accquire five points in Permanent Residency Process.To get five points, you must be able to interpret sentences from Nepali language to English & English to Nepali.For that reason, I have created this NAATI Nepali Material page to help those guys who in need of five points. In the market, you can’t get sufficient sources for NAATI Nepali Materials. So, In coming days, we are oblige to provide the NAATI Nepali Material in proper way. 



To be a professional interpreter here in Australia, if you hold this NAATI Nepali materials, you are in a kind of comfort zone so that you don’t have to be depressed by thinking that from where to get the NAATI materials.I have run this site by my own personal interest and my knowledge. To know about NAATI, I have included the official link of NAATI, please visit the link given below:
For NAATI Information
For Official NAATI resource information


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13 thoughts on “NAATI Nepali Materials

  1. Bishnu says:

    To translate a nepali citizenship to English, could you please let know how long it take to get soft copy first and then hard copy required but not urgent.
    Also please give a quote
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello Nikhil

      Sorry to say that I have received your message today due to some technical problems in my website. If you still have any positions for NAATI trainer, please let me know.

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