Nepal, a Land of Yoga & Meditation

How to be healthy by applying Yoga & Meditation



Nepal is described as the land of Gods where Almighty Gods come for Meditation and Yoga.
Nepal is mentioned in the ancient holy books of Hinduism about its sacred and peacefulness. Nepal is described as the holy and pious land where a lot of pious spirits came to get ‘Shiddhi’. A lot of people visit to Nepal for meditational purpose as well.


Truly,Nepal is a Land of Yoga & Meditation.The mighty and mysterious Himalayas were the place where Meditation and Yoga were born, practiced and incorporated into the life of people living out there. The founder of yoga, lord Shiva, dwelt in the Himalayas and enjoyed the joy of his yogic practice. Later on, the carriers of Yoga, many ancient sages, also chose the Himalayas as their one and only place to enhance their practice.  Many ancient sages, including Patanjali, the modern founder of yoga, practiced their yoga in the mysterious surroundings of the Himalayas. It became the way of life of people living in the Himalayan region. The serene atmosphere of Himalayas was very helpful in evoking the yogic feeling into mind of people.

Nepal, the land of the Himalayas, is the place where Meditation and Yoga and its practice had a huge effect in the lives people. The peaceful and friendly nature of Nepali people is the result of the yogic effect on them. Learning and practicing yoga in Nepal is the best idea of getting into authentic practice in its authentic land. The soft breeze blowing from the mighty snow capped mountains always encourages one to get deeper into the practice of yoga. Be you a beginner or an advanced practitioner, being in Nepal and practicing takes you to the even deeper level of joy and realisation. Waking up in the morning to the awesome feeling of being into the land of Yoga and in front of the Himalayas, getting into the practice of yoga with rhythm of the yogic vibes flowing into the atmosphere is something that anybody will be unable to get somewhere else in the world.

Nepal offers the most authentic knowledge of Yoga and its most joyful experience. Be it a drop in class, short period workshop, long term training or yoga trekking into the Himalayas, Nepal has the best and most authentic options than anywhere in the world. The land is suitable for anyone who wishes, certainly, to bring a positive change in their life through yoga. It undoubtedly has the impressions of Lord Shiva and other Himalayan masters into its air that your yoga practice becomes an incomparable one and brings the most significant positive change with loads of happiness in your life.

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