New Tutorial Question in C

Tutorial Question in C

  1. Print the details of employee in the user-defined function and also find the highest paid worker.

    Sort the array of structures in ascending order by using the function.

  2. Print the details of five different books in the user defined function by using the pointer.
  3. Pass a string from the calling function and then print the string in such a way the capital letter should change in lower letter and vice versa.
  4. Find the address of an array and also find the value stored in each block by using the function where you should extract the addresses of highest number containing block.
  5. Find the length of the string not by using the string function.
  6. Copy a string into the next string not by using string function where you can perform the operation by pointer method.
  7. Print the matrix in different function by using the concept of pointer.
  8. Pass the string into the user defined function with pointer operation and then print that string into the function locally.
  9. Sort the elements of an array by using function with pointer.

    From these questions (30 marks assigned in the board exam).If you solve correctly in first attempt, then you can score up to 80.If you solve this in second attempt then you can score up to 70 and so on….

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