Tutorial Question Of C

  • Write a program to read the three values and print the sum of all three values ,average of three values, largest of the three and smallest of the three values.
  • Write a program to print  a table of sin and cos functions for the interval  from  0 to 180 degree in increments of 15 degree.
  • Write a program to convert the Fahrenheit to Celsius degree by using the following formula from 0 to 300 degree Fahrenheit to Celsius. Formula is (   C= (F-32)/1.8)
  • Write a program to determine and print the sum of the following harmonic series for a given            value of n:                  1+1/2+1/3+………………+1/n, the value of n is given through the keyboard.
  • An electricity board charges the following rates for the use of electricity

For the first 200 units: 80P per unit

For the next 100 units: 90P per unit

Beyond the 300 units: Rs 1.00 per unit

All users are charged a minimum of Rs. 100 as meter charge. If the total amount is more than Rs. 400, then additional surcharge of 15% of total amount is charged. Write a program to read the units and find the number of units consumed and print out the charges.

  • Perform the sorting of array by using the function and find the greatest and smallest number of the array.
  • Perform the matrix multiplication operation by using the concept of function where the order of matrix is provided by the user.
  • Sum the element of array by using function where the operation should be handled by pointer operation.
  • What is the pass by reference and pass by value? Illustrate by the suitable examples.
  • Concatenate the four strings into the single string not by using the concept of string function.

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